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In this article, I will give you a lot and very useful information for having and using a Skrill account. Mostly to avoid a confusion that will lose your time.

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Skrill is an international online payments company. It is a UK-based company registered as a Money Service Business with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and licensed to operate within the European Union. So, you shouldn’t have any worries for the security service provided by them.

Generally Skrill is a virtual wallet or online account where you deposit money by your debit/credit card or through a bank transfer.

After that you can deposit your money in all major bookmakers, casinos and poker rooms, betting on the football, shopping online and making in-game purchases.

One of the biggest advantages of Skrill are:

  • Instant money transfers between the different bookmakers (after your payment is approved you have instant transfer of your money in your Skrill account, not like the debit cards where you have about 2-5 working days);
  • There are no transfers fees in almost all bookmakers.
  • Widely known.


It is my main payment method mostly because it is instant, easy and flexible. It is difficult when for a week, you have six deposits to your card and at the end half of them are there and the rest are not deposited yet. And if you play with a little money because of these delays you could miss a bonus offer with another bookmaker only because your money hasn’t arrived yet.

Register your account at Skrill and in a short time you will be wondering how have you lived without it before. 😀



Opening an account with Skrill requires an active email address.

Important: The main (primary) email address at Skrill must be the same you used to register with the bookmaker in order to make money transfers between them! 

If there is a problem, you can always add email address and change the main email in your account from Settings => PERSONAL INFO => Email Addresses => edit

The registration is quick and easy. You simply need to fill-in in a few forms your personal data and then to confirm your registration from the link you will receive from Skrill.

Opening an account with Skrill. – by clicking the link you will be redirected to the website where the procedure for your registration will start.

Congratulations, you are almost done. Now go to your email and click on the verification link to get started on your Skrill account.



The next thing you should do is to register the card you will use to replenish your account. You need to go to Cards and Bank Accounts  and click on: Add Credit or Debit Card


  • • You will have a window open where you should insert your card number, validity date and CVV number (it is at the back of your card)
After you register your card it is obligatory to make a verification. For this Skrill will transfer to your card an amount between 1.01 – 2.99€.

Then you will receive an email to confirm the transfer and you should check the exact amount received in your account and finalize the registration process.

ALWAYS, when you deposit money or make online payments and you are asked to choose between Non-gambling and Gambling, choose GAMBLING!
Then you will be sure that you can deposit in any betting site.

veritify card

The last stage of your registration is when you see the exact amount received from Skrill, to go again at Cards and Bank accounts, click on the Verify link and insert this amount. Now you can use your card.
Now you can use your card.



Your current limits can be found at Settings => LIMITS & VERIFICATION

There are several types of limits, which are changed according to what extend you have passed the verification status of your account:

  • Per transaction – The restriction you have for a single outgoing transfer.
  • Cumulative/Overall – The maximum incoming and outgoing transfers until you confirm your account.
  • Withdrawal – The maximum you can withdraw.
  • Credit/debit card deposit – The amount you can deposit to your Skrill account.

After registration, the limits are very low about 500€. When you register and verify your card the limits will be automatically increased. To remove them completely it will be necessary to send documents confirming your identity and address.


Identity confirmation

  • Color copy of driver license – both sides
  • Color copy of ID card – both sides

The alternative is to verify your debit card, then it is not necessary to send the above-mentioned documents but in any case, you must confirm your address!


Address confirmation

  • Utility bill – electricity, water, mobile…
  • Bank statement – a copy in .pdf format downloaded from your online banking.
  • Bank letter with date and stamp, signed by a bank employee confirming your name and address.

Which of the above documents you decide to choose it is obligatory to be not older than 3 months!

Documents containing undisclosed financial information shall not be accepted. For instance, if in the address confirmation it is shown your whole credit card number, the same must be obliterated.

IMPORTANT: When you send documents using the contact from the website, you can upload them by choosing Category – MY ACCOUNT => Problem with.. => VERIFICATION then you can upload the documents from Upload a Document

When you are done and you receive your confirmation, your limits must look like that:




If you have followed all the steps then you should have a verified account at Skrill and you have registered a card. Now you can just start transferring money through your account.

The main things you can do are the following:

  • Upload
  • Withdraw
  • Send Money

The three of them are in the upper right part of the website just below the account balance. deposit

Upload – Here you can upload funds into your Skrill account.
Once logged in you will have a window loaded with different payment methods, the corresponding fees and the maximum amount which you can deposit for each of them.

By choosing the preferred payment method you will have a form loaded where you can fill in the requested amount, the commission will be calculated automatically as well as the total amount requested.

And once more when you have an option to choose between non-gambling and gambling always choose gambling, otherwise when you try to deposit to another gambling site Skrill will not allow you and you will be wondering what happens!

Send Money – With this option you can send money to other retailers or to other Skrill wallets just by using their email.

It is a very convenient way especially if a friend doesn’t have a possibility to deposit money and Champions league starts in five minutes. 😀


All you need is to insert the Skrill registration email to the one you send money, choose the currency and the amount.
It is an instant transfer and the money can be used immediately.

Sending money costs 1% of the amount, but max 10€. If you send more than 1000€, the fee will be again 10€.




CARD 1.90%-2.25%
PaySafeCard 7.50%
Bank Transfer FREE

CARD 7.50%
Skrill Card 1.75%

Skrill card – 1 YEAR FEE – 10€

Send Money – 1.9% MAX 20€



Skrill is one of the fastest and flexible online payment methods.
The one playing arbitrages knows what I mean and what a Skrill account provides.

Besides the speed and flexibility in depositing and withdrawal, another important factor is the fees you pay. Do not underestimate them, because in the long run they can reach hundreds and thousands of levs…

If you are a serious player you have the chance to become a VIP customer, which will decrease all the fees you pay. The higher your level – the bigger the benefits. Higher VIP levels gives the opportunity of using Skrill for free.

Open an account in Skrill

Learn more about Skrill VIP, Master Card and Security Token here: